A Quick Review of Galaxy Z Flip 2020

A Quick Review of Galaxy Z Flip 2020

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s second foldable phone is here and its a lot better then the first one, the Original Galaxy Fold had lots of problems.

But the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip does a lot of things right.

Display And Design

Samsugn Galaxy Z Flip Display and Design

The main display of Galaxy Z Flip is amazing, its bright and it’s vibrant. Samsung doesn’t compromise its display. Galaxy Z Flip display is like the rest of its flagships.

It has a 6.7 inch F HD+ Dynamic AMOLED Display with 2636x1080p and 425ppi.

Well, Galaxy Z Fold does have a new foldable glass technology, its not just plastic anymore its covered with thin foldable glass

Tiny Second Screen

There’s a tiny 1.1 inch super AMOLED screen next to the camera, it might seem too small to be practical but it can be useful like you can control music playback, you can swipe to see icons for your notifications although it’s not big enough it can be also used to take selfies.

Galaxy Z Flip Tiny Screen

Split Screen

The Split Screen is really useful, it splits the screen into half along the fold, So you can run a different app on each half of the screen.

You can do video calls on top and Google Docs on the bottom, it makes multitasking simple and practical.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Multitasking


There’s a real wow factor when you flip the phone open, if you use two hands it will be comfortable every time, but the hinge is sturdy so you don’t need to worry about unfolding it.

Galaxy Z Flip Hinge

Compact Size

The Galaxy Fold opened up to the size of a small tablet but the galaxy Z Flip is closer to the size of a regular smartphone that means its extra compact when its folded. Well yeah, it’s a little thick when folded but you can slip this phone very easily into your pocket.

Galaxy Z Flip Compact


Galaxy Z Flip Camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a total of 3 cameras. 2 are the main cameras and 1 is the front-facing camera when you unfold the phone.

There are 2 main cameras, 1 is 12 Megapixel Ultra Wide Camera with F2.2 and the Second camera is also 12 Megapixel Wide Angle Camera with F1.8.

The Front Facing Camera is 10 Megapixel and you can take Hands-Free Selfies with it.

The hinge is stiff enough to hold the phone upright, so you can take selfies without actually holding the phone in your hand. You can set the hinge to a variety of angles like you need and gesture with your hands to start the countdown to take a selfie.

Selfie camera galaxy z Flip

Well, You can take a selfie with all 3 of the cameras, you can take selfies with the main cameras by using that tiny second screen right next to the main camera. The Cameras are great for video recording and video calls too.


wireless charging galaxy z flip

Well The Galaxy Z flip has a dual battery which is 3300mAh and can give you at least a day because of the foldable feature of the phone. The phone doesn’t consume more battery when folded.

So the foldable phone with no space for a larger bigger battery 3300mAh can do the work.

It also has fast-charging compatibility with the power cord or even wireless, it also has a reverse wireless charging so you can charge your Samsung Buds with the Galaxy Z Flip itself.

Performance, Price & Verdict

Galaxy Z Flip Specification Galaxy Z Flip Specs

Well, Not the latest but it has a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, and 8GB of RAM with the storage of 256GB.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is an almost $1400.

Well, the rest of the phone that was launched alongside Galaxy Z Flip, Like the S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra.

The Price of The Galaxy Z Flip is the same as Galaxy S20 Ultra which is almost $1400, that’s a lot if you compare Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has everything at its max and it’s the best Samsung smartphone right now, and Samsung is charging the same amount for Galaxy Z Flip which doesn’t have enough to even compare to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung is basically charging almost $1400 for the fold and the compactness of the Galaxy Z Flip.

So What do you think about The Galaxy Z Flip? Let us know in the comment section below.

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