A Quick Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

A Quick Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

The regular Samsung Galaxy S20 may not grab the same headlines as its Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Plus relatives, but it’s still equipped with much of the same advanced mobile technology. Priced at a slightly more reasonable $999 than the $1,399 S20 Ultra,
the Galaxy S20 is likely to be most consumers’ entry point to this year’s flagship series.

This makes the Galaxy S20 an even more important handset for Samsung than in previous years. It has to prove that the cheapest S20 isn’t an afterthought and can still provide a flagship experience.

Display & Design

Samsung Galaxy S20

First up let’s talk design and I am definitely here for the more ergonomic theme Samsung is going for.
the extreme edges that we found in the s6, s8, and the s9 and now have this new flatter profile display which I will touch on later and also the chassis has very nice rounded corners. We also got nice glossy glass in the back and the polished aluminum on the sides makes for a premium feel and also a lighter overall build.

I got to say the one in the S20, its one of the best I’ve ever seen this handset, in particular, has a 6.2-inch display size. It’s a very comfortable form factor that you can sort of one hand. The maximum resolution of this display is 3200 by 1440 which gives you a PPi of 565 on this display size which just looks incredible.

this might be the crispiest display I’ve ever seen in a smartphone and if you run this at FHD+ this is 2400 by 1080 a resolution you get a PPi of 424 which still looks amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S20 sides

The bezels are out of the way.

They’re very slim and trim and the hole punch just adds to this great look as well this phone is a very futuristic and clean looking front sight.

One of the big selling points of this display beyond the image quality is the high refresh rate that you can enable and although you do need to lower the resolution to enable this to HD Plus, it definitely worth it because 120 hertz just makes the entire experience just so much more buttery and satisfying with ONE UI.

The image quality is just incredible with this display as well, it’s super bright, insane contrast the color is awesome too.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Battery test
Samsung Galaxy S20 Battery test

It has a 4000 mAH battery that will get you through a whole day and possibly more.

Fast wireless charging is a great feature of this device something that’s not found in the modern phones and also you have reverse wireless power share which allows you to wirelessly charge your galaxy buds plus for example without having a wall adapter or USB charger.

If you want to get the best battery life for the screen on time with this device, you’re gonna want to run this at 60 hertz and FHD Plus resolution. However, I do recommend getting the most out of this device if you pay a grand for it.  So I’d say run it at 120 hertz just know that if you want to have some substantial charge at the end of the day.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Cameras

Although this is not the $1400 ultra. We have a very impressive camera setup, this year we have three sensors and lenses.

We have a 12megapixel wide,

A 12 megapixel ultra wide

and a 64 megapixel telephoto capable of 30x zoom.

The pictures you can take with this device just pop and look excellent and have great color and sharpness and overall clarity and dynamic range and exposure. The telephoto capability although it’s not quite the same as the ultra with this 100x zoom, it’s close enough especially for 400$ less and the 30x zoom works very well if you want to get up-close images from a distance.

Video quality is also really great this year, Samsung is stepping up their game and I do believe the quality that you get here Is better than that of the note 10 plus and its very comparable to the iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11 which are great video cameras themselves.

The same great aspects of Samsung image quality or pictures apply to video as well and the OIS seems to work very well too in 8k, the sharpness and the overall quality is just incredible, the level of details is just breathtaking and this feature just screams innovation and should be great if you want to get a quick clip of some kind of majestic landscape or just atmosphere.

The 10-megapixel front-facing camera takes an excellent quality selfie and front-facing video, although Samsung kind of has this smoothing effect that is kind of a negative aspect but still, it doesn’t really take away from the overall image quality that you’re getting here and night mode or long exposure mode with the camera here is excellent as well.

Performance & Software Experience

Although these snapdragon 865 is mean the best on the market right now. ONE UI has never been smoother especially at the 120-hertz refresh rate. It’s just an overall very enjoyable experience and though I’ve been wary of Samsungs flavor of Andriod in the past, all of that doubt and negativity is gone.

I could definitely use this phone as a daily driver indefinitely with no issue at all and yeah it’s just a really buttery experience animation rarely stutter, apps open very quickly and you have a lot of RAM to work with to keep a lot of apps opens in the background.

Everyday tasks feel very snappy and you’re definitely getting what you’re paying for in terms of UI responsiveness here.

Face unlocking works really well it’s quick and accurate although I don’t think its nearly as secure as something like face id and also the fingerprint sensor although it’s conveniently placed and pretty accurate sometimes it’s very finicky. Although for the most part if you place your finger in the right place and apply a little bit of pressure you should get on your phone with no issue.


So to wrap things up here this phone is solid you get a very ergonomic premium build with great speakers and industry leading display with a high refresh rate decent battery life.

Incredible camera setup and top-notch performance all-around a $1000,
if you get the baseline 128GB model, and although the S20 is a bit smaller model than S20 plus and S20 ultra.
But it’s as amazing as the rest S20s at the least price.


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